• Dental RESCUE Tooth Powder – Optimize your Dental Care: Gum Disease, Gum Recession, Plaque Build-up, Toothache, Bad…

    WAKE UP YOUR TEETH, GUM & MOUTH HEALTH! SuperComfort Rescue Powder is for moderate or serious teeth, gums and mouth support. SuperComfort Rescue Powder uses powerful ingredients to help eliminate gum disease and reverse gum recession – We specialize in using the best of modern research and ancient medicine in our effective formulas. SuperComfort Rescue Powder helps stimulate circulation in gums to help prevent and cure teeth and gum problems. SuperComfort Rescue Powder also helps to balance mouth ecology and mouth pH. This is very important since acidic saliva and mouth environment contribute to tooth decay. The testimonial we get the most: “I had the best dental check-up of my life after using your products”
    DEAR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER, We are so happy you found our highly effective products. We want you to know that our priority is not on profit margin, but on providing you with the most effective, 100% pure and highest quality product available. We CARE about YOU and OUR EARTH! Our products are not only highly effective, they are nonGMO verified, certified organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. YES! We use lead-free glass because if you put ingredients that are good for removing impurities and detoxifying such as aloe vera, fulvic minerals, herbs, essential oil and clays into plastic containers, they will draw out the chemical toxins of the plastic. And, who wants chemical toxins from plastics in their products? In 2005, we started making these products for our family’s use because we could not find dental care products that were effective and also healthy. Then, we started giving them to our friends for gifts and now, here we are ten years later, with one decade of unprecedented testimonials you can watch on You Tube. — 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Here is a recent testimonial from Amazon Customer Feedback on August 17: This is a reorder because I love this product so much. I suffered gum loss and after about a month of faithful use the gums are growing back! I plan on using this as part of my dental plan along with flossing and brushing! Here’s what our customer’s report when using the SuperComfort Rescue Powder: Helps with gum disease, gum recession, gum inflammation, bleeding gums, loose teeth, plaque build-up, gum sores, abscesses, gum sensitivity, bad breath and dry mouth syndrome. Many have found the SuperComfort Rescue Powder helps to remineralize teeth enamel due to harsh chemical-based whiteners. — It is time to GET BACK to utilizing the healing power of Mother Nature. — Customers that have been using our products for 6-8 years have been told by their dentists and hygienists that they have healthy, strong gums and teeth enamel.

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