• Electronic Keypad Lock, Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock, Fingerprint Digital Front Door Lock, Hornbill Keypad Deadbolt Auto…

    KEYLESS ENTRY DOOR LOCK: Electronic keypad door lock is made of metal material,which is strong and scratch-resistant,allowing you to easily enter your home.IP63 Waterproof home security lock ideal of home,hotels,schools and apartments.Fingerprint door locks with the automatic locking function,multiple protections to keep your home safe.Smart deadbolt of front door turn on the locking function,it will be automatically locked when you go out,so don’t worry about forgetting to close the door.
    TEMPORARY NORMALLY OPEN: Electronic door lock with keypad,when you use fingerprint to unlock or enter the password to unlock,the lock tongue will be automatically retracted.If you did not open the door at this point,it was open all the time.Digital smart door lock needs to be set to automatically lock,otherwise it will not be able to input effectively on the keyboard,any electronic on/off once,can release the normally open state.
    FINGERPRINT UNLOCKING: Just one touch to unlock with the fingerprint. You can program the different fingerprints for yourself, guests, visitors and employees etc. 50 fingerprints can be programed and deleted at any time. Note: if the wrong password is entered more than 10 times, the keypad will be locked for 3 minutes.

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